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May 25, 2017

We had a customer with damage to the exterior walls on a refrigerated (reefer) unit and the walls needed to be replaced.  Here’s how we did it…

1.  First thing we did was remove the damaged exterior panels.

2.  Then we removed all the interior kemlite walls.  We also had to remove the old insulation.  To do this we cut the insulation with a hack saw in between the posts and pushed it out.  In this picture you can see some of the old insulation on the floor.



3.  It might sound backwards but we installed the new exterior panels next because they have to be riveted from inside the trailer.

4.  Once the exterior panels were back in place it was time to re-insulate.  We used a spray foam kit.  We let the insulation “cure” then plane (or smooth) out the walls.  In the picture below, Joe, Jr. is “shaving” the insulation to make sure it’s even and as smooth as possible for the kemlite.



5.  Next, we applied a spray adhesive to the insulation and re-installed the kemlite.  If you look at the photos, you can see the big roll of kemlite in the background.  The kemlite is what forms the interior walls.  It gets rolled out and we rig up a contraption with plywood and cargo locks to hold the kemlite in place until the adhesive drys.  The below picture shows the plywood held in place with the cargo locks.



The drying can take up to 24 hours.  Then the plywood and cargo locks are removed and the trailer is ready to roll.




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