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Not Totally Suspension…MOST DANGEROUS JOBS

September 27, 2016


When you think of the most dangerous jobs what comes to mind?

Once again the list of most dangerous jobs has been released and it includes some of the jobs we usually find on it:  construction worker, firefighter, police officer and corrections officer.  These are, indeed, dangerous jobs so it’s pretty self explanatory why they appear on the list year after year.

But it also included a few surprises such as EMT due to hazardous situations and environments in which they work; farm worker because of the heavy equipment they routinely work with and because of the physical nature of the job; nursing assistant because they work with ill/contagious people and sometimes have to lift or move heavy patients; and veterinarian because they may work with dangerous animals or with large animals including horses, cows, etc.  I don’t know about anyone else but I’m glad my job doesn’t require me to stick my hands into a horse’s mouth!

But here is a job I bet you’ll never see on the list of most dangerous:  TRAILER MECHANIC.

For starters, many people don’t even know there is such a thing.  We routinely see trailers on the road moving all manner of consumer goods from point A to point B.  But most of us never think about how they’re repaired or maintained.

My mechanics are the people who repair and maintain trailers for the transportation industry, such as trailer leasing companies, and for private industry, companies that own their fleet or who lease the fleet but are responsible for damage repair.

We do plenty of the standard things like annual inspections, periodic preventive maintenance, and replacing burned out lights.  But we also do many much more difficult things like brake jobs, replacing an entire roof, or replacing a nose rail.  And here are some reasons that Trailer Mechanic is a dangerous job:

1. It’s all outdoor work and it’s done in all weather conditions.  My mechanics work in the cold, on icy and/or snowy conditions, and in extreme heat.  In some cases, they have to weld in the heat wearing full protective gear, as required by law.

2. They work with all types of tools and equipment:  welder, compressor, power tools, to name a few.

3. Heavy lifting is a standard part of the job.

4. We do emergency breakdown service which means my mechanics might have to repair a trailer on the side of a road, or even after dark.

5. And they have to work in dangerous places like on top of the trailer, underneath the trailer or in other “tight spots” around the equipment.

6. Lastly, because we’re a mobile company my mechanics spend plenty of time driving from location to location so they are at an increased risk of roadway accidents.

So I’ll be looking for Trailer Mechanic to make the most dangerous jobs list one of these days.




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