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August 29, 2016



The first 7 jobs I’ve had are:

  1.  Babysitter
  2.  Ice cream scooper
  3.  Office clerk
  4. Store clerk/cashier
  5. Department manager in store
  6. Human Resources Assistant
  7. Recruiter

Recently #FIRSTSEVENJOBS was trending on twitter so I tweeted the first 7 jobs I had.  It was fun and a little nostalgic thinking back to old friends and fun times.  But then I thought about the purpose of our early jobs.  The greatest value our first jobs provide are lessons to help us build our careers.

Often what we learn are “soft skills”; things that are hard to quantify but are critical in our work lives.

Usually we learn things like punctuality and having a good attitude, even when we don’t feel like it.  We learn the responsibility of performing a task and the pride of a job well done; to dress appropriately and that, sometimes, we’ll have to work with people we don’t like; how to manage our time and how to break down and manage a task.  Sometimes our first jobs teach us what we DON’T want to do for a living.

Between the jobs I listed above and being the owner of a business today, I made my career in Human Resources. Recruitment was a large part of that career and it is an important function I perform for our family business.

When interviewing, instead of just letting the applicant dazzle me with their professional and/or technical skills, I like to ask about their early jobs and what they learned from having them.  I find I can learn more than “can this person perform the job”.  I can learn about their personality, their work ethic, how they relate to other employees and how the applicant will fit in with our corporate culture.  Then I can make a better decision as to whether I want that applicant working for me.




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